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Porto Training School

DARTER Training school "The guide to antisense development", February 3-7, Porto, Portugal This training school is intended for those who are new in the antisense therapy field. Topics discussed include choosing the right antisense modality, how to properly test antisense therapies, how to select the best model systems, and how [...]


Winter School Stockholm

{module Grid GK5 - Winter School}


The venue took place on 13 to 17 of January 2019 in Karolinska Instituet in Stockholm. It was organised by DARTER with the great help of {tip image="images/Participants/300px/RogerS.jpg"}Prof.{/tip} Roger Strömberg, the host of the DARTER Winter School. The lectures focused on nucleic acid chemistry (basic reactions of nucleic acids and their components, synthesis of oligonucleotides, common modifications and oligonucleotide conjugates), oligonucleotide (ON) therapy overview, and basic structures of nucleic acids. It also covered some specific topics in ON therapy: splice-switching therapy and Duchenne muscular dystrophy, Triple repeat diseases, siRNA therapy, mRNA therapy, exosomes, antisense ON therapy, delivery, tissue targeting and industrial aspects.

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