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Safety & Toxicology of Therapeutic Oligonucleotides DARTER WG3   We're back at the offices, after a fruitful week discussing and designing Nucleic Acid Therapeutics in Oporto, at the last DARTER COST Action-sponsored Training School, which was held under the theme “Introduction to Nucleic Acid Therapy”. Amongst the very many news worth sharing throughout the week, [...]


Matchmaking meeting

Would you like to meet up with possible new members of your laboratory/your next supervisor as a predoctoral or postdoctoral researcher? If you are either an PI looking for new members of your group or a researcher looking for the next host institution in the next 12 months, this post [...]


Antisense RNA Design, Delivery, and Analysis

While most of you may already be aware of it, we could not miss the chance to advertise one of our biggest achievements as a COST action so far: our COST-sponsored book “Antisense RNA Design, Delivery, and Analysis” has just been launched, as part of the Springer Protocols series on [...]

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