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As in the Modern World, nearly all the information is shared through the internet (web pages, social media, streaming services), it also applies to science. We want to inform you that we created CA17103 DARTER Action dedicated web page (which you already know as you are reading this news) and [...]


COST Workshop/DRA symposium on Delivery Technologies for Nucleic Acid- based Therapeutics

The purpose of this focused workshop is to bring people together to discuss delivery technologies for nucleic acid-based therapeutics (conjugates, nanoparticles) and methods used for their physicochemical characterization and manufacturing. It will take place on 23-24 January 2020. The symposium is organized on behalf of COST and the graduate programme [...]


First Management Committee Meeting & Core Committee Meeting

These meetings were organised to facilitate the kick-off of the CA17103 Action. The CA17103 Action: Delivery of Antisense RNA Therapeutics aims to use networking and capacity building in the field of nucleic acid therapy delivery to allow RNA-targeting nucleic acid drugs to reach their full potential and become a mainstream [...]

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