Want to know a bit more on the topics we will be covering on our upcoming Online Training School – “Communicating Research to Stakeholders”?


You can simply check the program, we have just updated.

Basically, throughout a whole week, we will cover a number of issues and on how to communicate our research according to the audience we are facing. And, most importantly, we will learn the basics on a series of different techniques we may use to do it: from storytelling, to visual thinking… We will also learn how to use our socials to disseminate our research in a more effective and engaging way. We will have different days dedicated to different publics, from lay audiences to funding agencies and policy makers; and we won’t forget the (perhaps) more challenging public of them all: the patients’ and their families, who ultimately trigger and inspire our research.


Got interested?

There is still time for you to register. We’re accepting applications until the 27th March.

All you have to do is fill this simple google form.

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