DARTER COST Final Meeting 22nd-24th February 2023 (Bilbao)

You know it already: our upcoming DARTER COST Final Meeting, in Bilbao, is quickly approaching. But before we get the chance to meet in person, there are a number of informations we would like to share with you all. First of all: our program is ready, and you may check it here. You can come back here for updates, but you will also receive everything by e-mail.

Now, some important instructions (again, we will also send them round by e-mail):

1. Remember to accept the eCOST invitation.

You should have received an email from eCOST and, particularly if you are going to be reimbursed, you need to accept it so that we may be able to process your claim. If you have any problems with this, please contact Ms Anita Remmelzwaal a.w.remmelzwaal@lumc.nl.

2. Print your name badge.

Please remember that we organise this meeting on a shoestring, so help us by printing your own name tag. Please follow these instructions, create your badge, print it, and bring it with you to the meeting.

3. Prepare and send US your talk.

We have A LOT of talks, so we need to make sure we load them with enough time to avoid running late: YOU WILL NEED TO SEND YOUR TALK BEFORE THE MEETING. Please email them to darter.meeting@gmail.com by the 20th of February. 

Instructions for PI Pitches:

The elevator Pitches of the PIs are aimed to network and identify new collaborations within DARTER. We expect from you to give a brief overview of your research and the models and techniques you use, so other attendees can know what you do and approach you during the coffee breaks to hopefully consider new collaborative projects. Please do not use this spot to present data. You have exactly 5 minutes with no questions.

Instructions for Poster Teasers:

As the name indicates, the idea is that you give a teaser in 2 minutes to attract people to your poster during the corresponding session. Bear in mind that the aim is not to give a super-fast summary of all the results, but to say few words that will make people want to visit your poster and see all the results and specific details there. 

Instructions for Presentations:

For selected talks, you have 10 min + 5 min Q&A. Please adhere to the time. For invited speakers, this has been indicated to you directly and it is also indicated in the program. 

Remember that we will be very strict with timekeeping, you may have as many slides as you wish, but you will be unceremoniously taken down from the platform if you run out of time.

We will offer some very basic streaming of the meeting to participants that could not attend in person, and it will not be recorded, but please let us know if you’d rather not have your talk streamed, otherwise it will be.

Update your profile in our webpage.

Remember that we want to be able to find each other after the meeting and we have a great tool: use it. Update/create your profile on our website: https://antisenserna.eu/members/ . If you have problems with it, please contact Dr Francisca Coutinho: francisca.coutinho@insa.min-saude.pt 

Book Social Activities

Social evening activities will be individually booked and paid for. You may find a list and how to join here. Check this as soon as possible as some deadlines apply.

Print and bring your poster.

Posters should be preferably in A0 portrait format, but you are welcome to bring any posters you have, regardless of the format. The poster holder we have hired have a surface of 191×95 cm (H/W).

Bring your own biscuits.

We have found some sponsors to be able to offer you food at lunch breaks in the poster’s area. However, coffee breaks will only include coffee, tea and water. Therefore, in true DARTER tradition, we encourage you all to bring (and share) your favourite local biscuits to the meeting. As you may remember from previous meetings, we do not want fancy cookies, we like best the kind of supermarket biscuits your grandma may buy in family-size packets (in Spain this would be “galletas Maria” or “chiquilin”, in the UK “cream custards” or “bourbons”… cheap biscuits). We love being able to discover biscuits from all over Europe, so do share your biscuit stories at coffee breaks.


Here you may the printable versions of all these instructions and some other important documents. By the way, the first PDF comes with a bonus – instructions on how to get to the meeting venue:

Instructions to participants to DARTER final meeting

Print your own badge! – Instructions

Social Activities


Looking forward to see you in Bilbao!