We had told you already that for us, COST Actions are an immense source of networking and growth opportunities and have much more to offer besides funding.
Today, we want to present you a new and exciting project that will keep us busy up until the end of our Action: we will start a Mentoring programme, pairing up researchers within our network at different career stages.
The purpose of this programme is to transfer the existing knowledge, skills, and experience between scientist/professionals at any stage of their career in order to help advance mentees’ careers in line with their objectives.
The programme will provide a platform for discussion of professional career goals, personal development opportunities and skill enhancement between mentors and mentees. Constructive mentor relationships will create a symbiotic relationship that benefits the mentor as well as the mentee in multiple ways.
But, first things first: we need to know who wants to join the program, by either becoming a Mentor or a Mentee. Thus, our Mentoring programme’s coordinators Irene Vazquez Dominguez and Dunja Lukovic have prepared two individual google forms for you to fill if you want to apply to any of the roles.


So, if you want to join as a Mentee, please let us know here.
And, if you are willing to become a Mentor, just do the same here.


For those of you who would like to have some more details on the program, our coordinators have also prepared this small information pack:


  • Mentees are faced with new phases of their career or life that require the development of new knowledge, skills or attitudes.
  • Mentees are strongly motivated basic scientists, translational researchers, health care professionals with commitment to research and innovation.


  • Receiving guidance to develop clear career and personal development goals
  • Extending your professional network
  • Gaining insight into real-world professional experiences
  • Improving understanding of work issues and experiencing different approaches to manage them
  • Develop your communication, study and personal skills
  • Increase your social and academic confidence


  • Mentors are professionals willing to share their experience, expertise and knowledge
  • Needs to acknowledge the difficulties of getting to high positions, share experiences, convey necessity of making choices or compromises where necessary
  • Has good communication and interaction skills
  • Fosters equitable thinking, practices, and outcomes


  • Enhancement of leadership, coaching and communication skills
  • Gaining personal gratification from positively affecting a mentee’s future
  • Demonstrating firm commitment to professional and personal development
  • Building and extending a network of new generation of professionals
  • Learning younger generation approaches towards different healthcare, societal challenges through emerging technology and social media consumption
  • Demonstrating commitment towards active contribution to DARTER goals


The DARTER Mentoring Programme Committee will conduct a matching process between mentors and mentees taking onto account their interests and skills and avoiding any possible conflict of interest. When possible, mentees will be able to choose between two or more mentors.  The mentoring sessions’ frequency and discussion topics will be agreed upon between the mentor and mentee in accordance with their agendas.


You may also download this information here.