Call for Volunteers


Regardless of whether you are a newcomer to our Action, or a DARTER pioneer, there is no way you haven’t yet received at least one e-mail from the golden trio who is in charge of our virtual seminars: Liliana Matos, Andrea Lopez Martinez and Simone Detassis.

Truth is these passionate Early-Career Investigators (ECIs) have been doing their best to organize a series of exciting seminars on nucleic acid-based therapeutics and calling up the whole DARTER community to get involved. And by getting involved, we do not necessarily mean taking the virtual stage and presenting novel data; sometimes you may involve yourself just by listening the talks and discussing the results which are presented. It’s up to you.

Still, remember that for you to sit comfortably behind your monitor once a month, and learn about the most recent advances in the field, there must always be a brave volunteer who clears his (or her!) throat and speaks up.

So, please consider joining our volunteers’ list so that you may show up on one of the future zoom meetings with your microphone on, and a ready-to-share presentation, which may last up to 20 minutes. And remember there is room for everyone, from ECIs to senior researchers, and space for every type of debate: the positive results and the not-so-shiny ones.


If you got interested, please get in contact with out Seminar Coordinators: Liliana (, Andrea ( or Simone (

We will be happy to hear from you and learn about your ongoing projects, any preliminary data you want to discuss, or even the unexpected negative results, which surprised you in your journey.

The (virtual) floor is yours; just take it.