Inaugural Meeting of COST Action CA17103, Bilbao (25th-28th February 2019)

The Inaugural Meeting of COST Action CA17103 “DELIVERY OF ANTISENSE RNA THERAPIES (DARTER)” took place on 25th-28th February 2019 in Spain. The meeting was held at Salón de Actos, Hospital Universitario Cruces, Biocruces Bizkaia Health Research Institute, Barakaldo, Spain.

There were three main objectives for this meeting: 1) to have a snapshot of the delivery hurdles in the field of RNA therapies; 2) to plan the workshops we would like to hold over the next four years; and 3) to network – to identify possible new collaborators.

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There were two ways of portraying participants group’s interests during the meeting: a poster session and two elevator pitch sessions — [For the detailed agenda use this link]. Participants enjoyed the icebreaking activities: the favourite participant’s local biscuits tasted during the poster session’s coffee breaks, and “Pintxos Tour” – site seeing with pintxos eating and local drinks.

Presentations from the talks can be found here (access after login)

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