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WorkgroupsThe DARTER COST Action is divided into 4 Working Groups to tackle its objectives. The first 3 Working Groups deal with scientific questions (current state-of-the-art, model systems and safety and toxicology studies of delivery systems), while the last one is a capacity building Working Group (stakeholder dissemination). Another primary objective of this WG is the efficient communication of negative results: a negative results task-specific group will be set up to promote this communication by gathering data to present as posters or journal publications.



WG1 Delivery Strategies

The main objective of this WG is to create consensus and identify gaps in the current knowledge on the mechanisms that are involved in ASO delivery and on the different approaches currently tested to optimise such delivery.

WG2 Model systems

Cell culture and animal models currently used in the development of ASOs will be examined from the perspective of their suitability to assess ASO delivery and the toxicity of delivery systems.

WG3 Safety and toxicology

This WG deals with an issue often overlooked until late stages of development. This late analysis often derails the advance of delivery systems that should have been halted beforehand.

WG4 Stakeholder communication and dissemination

The objective of this Working Group is to attract more network members and make sure the results of network efforts are duly shared amongst members and also with the society.

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