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DARTER Training school "The guide to antisense development", 
February 3-7, Porto, Portugal

This training school is intended for those who are new in the antisense therapy field. Topics discussed include choosing the right antisense modality, how to properly test antisense therapies, how to select the best model systems, and how to prepare for clinical trials with antisense therapies. For more information on the programme or the venue, please see this document.

For DARTER COST Action members, this training school will be free of charge and Action participants will be provided with a stipend to cover travel, hotel and food costs. The training school is also open to non Action members. However, they will have to cover their own costs.

Please note that there is only limited space available for this training school. COST action members and other researchers who were aproved to join the training school, are kindly asked to fill out this form.

Porto Training School Registration