DARTER Training School

Introduction to Nucleic Acid Therapy

October 17th to 21st 2022 (Porto)


It’s back to school season and, here at DARTER COST, we are organizing the best school all you RNA-lovers could wish for: a whole week in person meeting on all-things Nucleic Acid Therapy.

This Training School, which will be held in Porto (Portugal), will join some of the brightest and most well-known experts in the field, featuring both a series of our DARTER COST experts and a number of external specialists.

Starting on Monday, the 17th October, you will have access to an introduction to nucleic acid chemistry, which will help you set the grounds to better understand nucleic acid therapy itself. Then, and throughout the whole week, we’ll cover a number of relevant topics in the field, starting with the design of different types of nucleic acid therapeutic tools (namely antisense oligos and siRNAs) and their delivery, which happens to be the major focus of this COST action of ours. But you will also learn a lot more on the preclinical assessments one has to do for these kinds of drugs: from the safety and efficacy tests you have to do the best models where you can perform those assessments. You will also get the chance to hear the latest news on a few research projects ongoing in the field and their associated challenges and, last but not least, you will have the chance to put some of these concepts into practice.

If you want to know more, just check our full program and maybe get an insight on our beautiful venue.

There is still time for you to apply! So, if interested, please follow the link and fill the form.


Stay tuned for the upcoming news, as we will be giving you a bit of an insight on what’s yet to come!

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