Around 75 members of our COST action on Delivery of Antisense RNA Therapeutics from more than 15 different countries and invited speakers met in Munich on October 11th and 12th to discuss model systems and safety and toxicology for RNA therapeutics. The meeting was organized by Alex Garanto (leader of WG2), Aurélie Goyenvalle (leader WG3) and Sabine Krause (local organizer). During this workshop, several speakers from both academic and private gave presentations about the use of antisense technology in specific disease models and how to assess the safety profile of antisense molecules. In addition, early-stage career investigators had the opportunity to pitch their projects and results during the elevator pitch session.

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Meeting took place in the large lecture hall (“Grosser Hörsaal”) on the 1st floor

mun klin1MKG Chirurgie
Grosser Hörsaal,
Lindwurmstrasse 2A 80377 Munich


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