Purpose of the STSM: One of the main aims of this STSM was to assess how the formulation method impacts Lipid Nanoparticles (LNPs) properties. To do so, the grantee explored two formulation procedures: 1) Microfluidics mixing, specifically using NanoAssemblr (NA) IGNITE instrument (Precision Nanosystems), widely known and utilized for LNPs preparation, both in industry and academia laboratories; and 2) Ethanol Injection (EI) method, a well-established and characterized methodology used for the preparation of different types of nanoparticles such as nanoemulsions, liposomes and newly, LNPs 1 . To carry out this research, the grantee compared a well-established formulation for mRNA delivery, containing MC3, cholesterol, DSPC and DMG-PEG-2000 formulated with both methods. In addition, the grantee aimed to compare one of the prototypes (Prototype 1) developed in the initial laboratory (Santiago de Compostela, Spain).

Grantee name: Laura Taina González

STSM start and end date: 2022-05-25 to 2022-07-11

Title: Identifying new delivery systems for nucleic acid therapeutics
Host lab: Vaccine Design and Delivery, Prof. Camilla Foged; University of Copenhagen (Copenhagen, Denmark)