Delivery of oligonucleotide-based therapeutics: challenges and opportunities


Our COST Action website, as we see it, is a platform where we can display our achievements as a network, but also an opportunity to strengthen ongoing collaborations and foster others. That is why we intend to be more active on it and update it more frequently. We want you to know that this is the place to come where you want to get updated.

So, this “news” section will be growing up fast. For instance, we will be going to highlight quite a few publications through the year. There will be room for all sorts of studies and all kinds of support: from review papers, to guest editorials, book chapters of even full books, as long as they are the result of shared efforts from several DARTER members. Regardless of whether those collaborations were actually born within the scope of the current action, or just strengthened by it, those are all tangible results of our shared efforts and our growing network capacity. So, we must share them and cherish the efforts that gave origin to them. And, hopefully, we will inspire a new generation to also break some walls and share their own knowledge.


Our very first – and quite obvious ­ –  choice when it comes to publications we want to highlight here, is the EMBO Molecular Medicine review paper we published under the stimulating titleDelivery of oligonucleotide-based therapeutics: challenges and opportunities, in 2021.

This review was a huge joint effort, which resulted in a nicely designed and easy to read state-of-the-art overview on our major topic of interest within the Action, so we may as well advertise it properly. And we are actually so proud of it that we just created a small video to do so. You can check the whole video here and, obviously, help us reach a broader audience by sharing it on your social media.