Purpose of the STSM:
Learning methods of synthesis, modification and testing nanoparticles as drug carriers and diagnostic instruments in in vitro and in vivo models. After STSM my goal is to transfer this knowledge to my research in the field of virology, where nanoparticles could be used in antisense RNA therapy in order to stop infection. Nanoparticles can be used as carriers of antisense RNA or serve as a tool for imaging or measuring the efficiency of antisense RNA delivery to cells.

Grantee name: PAWEL BOTWINA (Malopolska Centre of Biotechnology. Jagiellonian University. Cracow, Poland)
STSM start and end date: 2019-03-29 to 2019-04-16
Title: Delivery of Antisense RNA Therapeutics
Host lab: Rachela Popovtzer´s laboratory. Faculty of Engineering. Bar-Ilan University. Israel