We’re back at the offices, after a fruitful week discussing and designing Nucleic Acid Therapeutics in Oporto, at the last DARTER COST Action-sponsored Training School, which was held under the theme “Introduction to Nucleic Acid Therapy”.

Amongst the very many news worth sharing throughout the week, we have watched the premiere of yet another DARTER COST Action video: that which introduces Working Group 3.

It was first shared publicly by one of our WG3 Leaders, Dr Aurélie Goyenvalle, as an introduction to her comprehensive lecture on the preclinical assessment of the safety of nucleic acid therapeutics.

Now, it’s time for us to share it here, as an overview on what this group has been doing over the years, and a call to attention on the importance to consider both safety and toxicity issues as early as possible, when designing a novel nucleic-acid based therapeutic approach.