Social Activities at Final DARTER Meeting, Bilbao February 2023

While until the 8th of February you may still register and submit a poster  to the upcoming DARTER COST Final Meeting in Bilbao, we have been busy organising some social activities in the evenings of the meeting. All these activities should be booked and paid for individually and are organised by external companies, so please do not contact us with specific enquiries about them. You are welcome to join all, none or some of these social activities in the evenings of the meeting.

Summary of suggested activities:

Wednesday 22nd February

18:30-21:30 Pintxo tour

How to register: fill in the Pintxos tour form before the 17th of February and send it to this address.

Meeting Point: 18:30 Bizkaia Aretoa (Our meeting venue, Abandoibarra Etorb., 3)

Activity end time: 21:30 Place of end of the activity: Moyua square (Moyua Metro Station)

Price: 40 € per person

Thursday 23rd February

19:00-20:30 Street Skp Bilbao. Outdoors escape room activity (played on mobile phones, can be played in Spanish, English, French and Basque).

Meeting point: 19:00 Plazuela de Santiago (5 minutes walking from Casco Viejo Metro Station)

Activity end time: 20:30 Place of end of the activity: Mercado de la Ribera

Price: 8 € per person to be paid directly to the company.

Register here:

20:00- 23:00 Dinner at your leisure at the gastrobars at Mercado de la Ribera
We have booked the space at the Market for DARTER members: there are plenty of food stalls and you may purchase your own food and drinks with other participants (or just chat, if you’d rather do so). Participants in the previous activity will end here between 20:00 and 20:30, but everyone else is welcome to come anytime and stay for as little/as long as they wish.

Meeting point: Mercado de la Ribera

Friday 24th February

16:00-19:00 Guggenheim Museum

As the meeting should finish around that time and we are a short 5 minute walk away from the Guggenheim museum, we may take that opportunity to visit it. If you are not heading to the airport yet and are interested to visit it with some of us, book your individual tickets (13€) here. The museum closes at 19:00, the last entry is at 18:00.