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STSM & ITC conference grants’ Reports

STSM & ITC conference grants’ Reports2023-05-22T02:51:22+02:00

In accordance with the Rules and Principles for COST activities, both STSM and ITC Conference Grantees were obliged to submit a scientific report within 30 days after the end date of the activity.

Regaring STSMs, the STSM grantee should submit their short scientific reports to the host institution (for information purposes only) and the Action Chair or STSM Coordinator (Committee) for formal approval.

For ITC Conference grants, on the other hand, the scientific report (briefly summarizing the outcome of the presentation of the accepted contribution, in terms of grantee’s visibility, including the establishment of new contacts for future collaborations) should be accompanied by the following documents:  the certificate of attendance; the programme of the conference or book of abstracts/proceedings indicating the presentation (oral or poster) of the grantee and a copy of the given presentation (oral or poster), in pdf.

Even though we do not publish the documents supporting each application, we do provide the scientific reports our grantees have submitted for both kinds of activities. You may find them bellow. For STSM, we have also briefy summarized the training goal, according with each applicant’s own arguments.
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